Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bees go Buzzzzz

My poor, sweet, fragile baby was stung by a bee!

A few days ago, we were in the front yard. I was watering the grass, and Liv was playing in the dirt (yes, literally - with a shovel. What is childhood for, after all?).

She stands up and says, "A ba bla be ba?" and holds out her arm. From across the yard, I can see something crawling on her arm and some iridescent green reflecting off of it. I assume it's a fly and say, "Say 'Shew fly, don't bother me!'"

A second later she screams. As I'm coming through the yard to see what's wrong, I see her pull the bee off her arm, where clearly the stinger was being pulled from her skin as she rips him off of her. She throws the bee on the ground ... points down at him ... and yells at it! She's not crying at this point, she's MAD. Yelling at the bee, face all scrunched up, really giving him a piece of her mind. "Ah no baa ba NO! Bird NO ba ba NO!"

Trying not to laugh, I pick her up and look at the insect on the ground. It looks exactly like this:

Apparently a Sweat Bee? I've never seen a green, metallic bee before!

Only now does she start crying. I thought my Dad was allergic to bees, and I've never been stung by a bee (only a wasp, which is a Texas right of passage). I'm immediately on the phone with my parents, sure we're due for a trip to the ER. Except she's already quit crying, and only the tiniest little bump is coming up on her wrist. Dad is only allergic to wasps. Per Dr. Dad's orders, we put baking soda and water on the sting. Naturally, Gigi (accompanied by Granny Juju -my Aunt Jul) come running to the rescue with Benedryl Gel. Before baking soda, it looked like this:

30 minutes later, the baking soda had rubbed off and we went to put Benedryl Gel on it, but it was gone already! Liv was back to her happy self, and you'd never know she'd just been stung by a bee, and thereby conquering one of her Mommy's biggest fears!

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