Friday, October 31, 2008

Ode to Caffeine

Caffeine, Caffeine!
I love you in the morning
I care for each and every coffee bean
Without you, I recognize the warning

My head is in a fog
My body lags behind
I forget to feed my dog
I am not very kind

Then, my dear caffeine, I take a drink
Your intoxicating drugs run through me
Slowly I can think
My skin begins to turn pink
Finally, I can run and shout with glee!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just For Me #30

Completed! I totally forgot this was on my list:

Just for me #30: Wear jewelry more often.

I started months ago and I must admit - I loove it! I love all my outfits more, jewelry is so much fun to wear! To prove it, here are some random, embarassing pictures from the last few months where I just happened to have jewelry on!
At Brooke's baby shower (white and silver earrings, I also had on a bracelet):

On a date with my husband (leopard print earrings):

At Kai's birthday party (silver hoop earrings):

Carmen's bachlorette party - hence the penis - (necklace, earrings AND a bracelet):

On a construction site, even (look closing, big turquoise necklace)!:

Surprise night downton (red ugly earrings):

Need to blog...

Must think of something to blog about ...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(Sorry, it's the first thing that made me laugh out loud all day)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just For Me #15

Just for me #15: Change my voters registration to my current address.

The proof is in the zip code! The last time I was registered to vote was when we lived off Parmer and our zip was 78727. Woohoo for voting :-) Kind of a funny story, Chris thought I had already changed my address to vote, and one day we were on 6th for happy hour and there were people outside registering people to vote right on the street. I sneaked out and changed my address right there on 6th street! The funniest part is Chris had told me he'd changed his address but was fibbing, too. Now guess who didn't change their address in time :-\ I need to find out if he can vote in our old district or if it's been too long since we've moved.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Favorite Blog

I have a new favorite blog just about every days. Here's todays:

Hahaha! See anything wrong with this picture (which, by the way, came from a real estate listing):

Hahaha, I laughed for about 10 minutes over this!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just for Me #19

--Go to the Habana Restaurant on Congress.

I wasn't impressed. The bartender stared us down hard core! And I make it a point to not say hard core because I sound like a goober. The service was slow and the restaurant was boring. I'm still holding a torch for the location on 6th Street to be better!

The rest of that day was awesome! We took Emily to a job interview and then the three Henderson women in my immediate family made a day of it. We went to Mars on Congress and had the tastiest appetizers EVER! (To make up for the sucky parts of Habana, although the food was good). We shopped all up and down Congress and capped it off with some fancy smancy drink from Opal Devine's. I love hanging out with my Mom and Seeester. So while the actual accomplishing of a goal was uneventful, the result of accomplishing that goal was a fabulous day.

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