Monday, August 22, 2011

7 Months Old ... A Month Ago

Way back on July 30, Olivia turned 7 months old, and I have the pictures to prove it!

She's had milestones in leap and bounds lately.

Tuesday (August 16) she got her first tooth! You can still hardly see it, but you can certainly feel it. It has caused her all kinds of discomfort. She's waking a lot at night, and fussy during the day. However, we have discovered that ice Popsicles work wonders.

She's been pulling up for a while, but now she's learned that she can push most things she's standing on to get to new places. Activity tables, walkers, chairs, toy boxes ...

And she's finally (finally!) started crawling. She crawled for the first time almost 2 months ago. Then she got bronchitis and was sick for almost 4 weeks and didn't crawl once in that time. Wednesday, with some help from Poppy (my father), she decided to master it. She still prefers to cruise around on furniture, but if she has to crawl to get where she's going, she will ;-)

And last but not least, she's waived a couple of times. She doesn't have it mastered, and she mostly just gets a very serious look on her face and moves her fingers. Yet, she has actually gotten her arm in on the action and really waived twice now. Both times at Poppy, who I've decided is her favorite person in the world. Humph.

Friday, August 5, 2011

iPhone Update

My family, just hanging out ♥

Olivia learned to pull herself up in her crib. Time to lower that mattress!

She had some bronchitis and had to use a Nebulizer for a couple of weeks. Poor baby :-(

Toilet Paper fun in the mornings!

Music videos on the laptop will make any sick baby feel better.

Someone learned how to open the cabinets and ... make a mess.

Post bath time cuddles.

First pony tail!

Holding her own bottle for some thirst quenching water. It's hot in Texas!

Lost puppy, who is now home, but sure liked Olivia.

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