Thursday, October 28, 2010

They weren't all lies ...

The stories about the third trimester, those weren't all lies. I'm not immune to the aches and pains. This perfect pregnancy is not meant to be.

I feel like I've been kicked in the crotch and can hardly walk, not to mention get in and out of chairs. Also, where is that energizer bunny I was just 2 short weeks ago? Suddenly, I can hardly keep my eyes open and a trip to the grocery store sounds like a serious task.

Just when I'm thinking there's no way I can handle this for 9 more weeks ... I feel an arm. I mean, I could have grabbed a hold of that little arm, it was pressed so hard against my belly. Then there's a rump sticking out my left side and a foot tickling the top of my stomach.
(For the record, I just made myself cry.)

Yah, I can definitely handle another 9 weeks of this. I spent hours in bed on Monday just laying perfectly still watching her move around in there. I love this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Shower

My friends and family threw me the most amazing baby shower this past Saturday. I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude for everything they did and everything the baby received. On top of that - I had a blast!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In My Living Room

I'm replacing the floors in the baby's room, and it's been slow going. We are basically done - there's literally 2 square feet left to put down. However, those 2 square feet are presenting a problem.

So currently, everything that would normally be in that room, is piled in my living room.

Under normal circumstances, I have in my living room:
Chaise lounge
Coffee table
End table

I've added to it:
Changing table
Two foot stools
Two tables full of misc baby items
This weekend is my baby shower, bringing even more stuff into the house.



Monday, October 11, 2010


- Thursday night I'm attempting to drive downtown through giant music festival induced traffic. I'm annoyed; I'm grumpy; it's taking me forever to get to my destination. A truck pulls out in the turn lane and tries to cut in front of me. I did not let him in. I'm not sure why, I usually let people over, but this guy just caught me at the wrong time apparently. So I continue on to dinner and I'm driving around this parking lot and the only open spot is the very last spot in a very large parking lot. Annoyed (still) I decide to drive around the parking lot. Again, this is not something I normally do - but hey, I'm 6 months pregnant and in high heels! When I get to the front of the parking lot ... one guess who's parked in the very front spot. Yep, the guy I wouldn't let into traffic.

Thanks, God. I can take a hint :-) Be nice.

- A couple weeks ago, I was at Discount Tire having a repair done. This guy that worked there was staring blatantly at me and my stomach. I thought what a jerk he was, along with some other rather rude things. Friday morning ... he was at my OB's office with his wife for what I gathered to be their first sonogram.

SIGH. I don't know everything, he wasn't being rude, he was probably having plenty of his own really exciting thoughts about his new baby. Lesson: Don't be so quick to judge.

Talk about some fast Karma turn-around! Hahaha. However, it's a good reminder of all the life lessons that get dulled in your mind (especially when you have extra hormones racing around).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've got a serious case of PMS. Since I know it's not PMS, I really hope it's not the first signs of moody pregnant woman coming out. But seriously, my bra strap had the nerve to twist while I was putting it on this morning. I mean, that makes anyone cuss, right? That would ruin your morning, too?

But never fear! There were cream cheese kolaches from my boss at work his morning. You know that made my day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

27 Weeks ... What?

Last Friday I was 27 weeks! I wake up, I'm feeling good, energetic, having the time of my life being pregnant. Then I look at my handy dandy iPhone Pregnancy App and see this:

Do you see that inconspicuous number "3" under trimester? How exactly did that happen? I feel like time is flying by and I can't do anything to slow it down! I'm having so much fun being pregnant, and I seriously feel better than I ever did ... not-pregnant. I wish I could hold on to this second trimester for a little bit (or a lot) longer!

Also, I had a major pregnancy milestone today. I'm sitting at my desk thinking this girl is kicking like a black belt in karate (which Daddy plans to teach her) and I looked down to see ... my stomach kicking. I can see some very defined kicks from the outside! It's so fun to watch!

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