Monday, February 22, 2010

A reason to post ...

Completed item: Health # 4 - Have my wisdom teeth removed! Have I recalled my wisdom tooth drama here, yet? Well I had two wisdom teeth pulled years ago, but I never got around to doing the other two. Then one day I noticed that my mouth was shrinking. And shrinking, and shrinking. Come to find out, my top left wisdom tooth was growing into the muscle and causing scar tissue which prevented me from opening my mouth.

Before surgery, I could only open my mouth 9 millimeters. That's less than this:

Yes, really. It made eating very difficult. However, two surgeries later, I can open my mouth as much as the "average woman" which is 35-40 millimeters. I can stretch to 36 whole millimeters, haha! That's like this:

While I still have a few more weeks of "recovery" (meaning, TMI, I have a big whole where the tooth used to be), I officially have pulling my wisdom teeth behind me!

This last tooth was a doozy, cause the tooth pain alone was worse than the others, but also the muscle was sore and the vicoden made me sick (side note: sorry for the week of weird Facebook updates, I'm blaming it on the drugs).

Now ... on the bigger and better things! ... Like the dentist.

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