Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finished, finally!

Okay ... the last chapters of Eat Pray Love were at least interesting. I finished her trip to Bali last night.

Still ... not impressed with this book.

Now onto Under the Banner of Heavan for the Nestie June book club. I was hoping for something a little more upbeat, but I got this yesterday and it looks like it might be good!

P.S. Y'all better hold me accountable ... Yoga tonight at 7:30!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have finally gotten through the India portion of Eat Pray Love.
Oh sorry, I fell asleep there just thinking about it. This book is like reading a really dull person's diary. I guess on some levels, it has made me feel more at ease with my spirituality in that I'm not alone in believing different than everyone else ... but I pretty much can figure that out for myself. Mostly, I'm just bored with this yuppie girl telling me that I feel (repeat) like most other women, and annoyed that she had to go on some Indian quest to find herself.
That said, I'd probably really like her in real life AND I would die to go on her trips! I really agree with her when she said, "You are here NOW" as in ... why are you talking about when you come back? Enjoy your moments.
AND better yet ... it does relate to my 101 blog! Health # 1 = go to Yoga 25 times. This book has inspired me and reminded me why I loved yoga so much before! I think I'll be going back to yoga :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

House # 16

I have nothing exciting ... I'm really, really close to House # 16 - Get out of Chaos (Can't Have Anybody Over syndrome).

I started reading Eat Pray Love last night. Granted, I'm only on page 50, but so far I'm not impressed. I don't need some yuppie girl to tell me that I feel the same way about life that other women do. I know, crazy concept - women thinking and feeling like women. I guess, so far, I feel like I could have written this book ... hopefully her adventures and spiritual explorations get a little more remarkable. I'm sure they will, though since this book so popular. Surely not that many women could be wrong! LOL wait ... I guess that would make me wrong ;-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Friends, Family, and Pets

Friends, Family, and Pets #19: Make it to ComfortFest to hear Emily play!

Emily did amazing. Not many people have heard her sing, since she's just decided in the last 5 months or so that she's comfortable singing in front of people. Chris for one, had never heard her sing. He thought she maybe was the opening act because she wasn't as good as the others, but after we left he said, "Seriously! She was better than anyone else. I didn't know she was so good!" She did amazing and I'm so proud :-) Soon she'll get some studio time so she can get her music out there! As soon as she does, you know you'll be hearing it here!

Check out Emily on my YouTube:
There are two videos of her singing, but both are pretty bad recordings. The darker one is from across a bar full of people, and the outside one if from Comfort Fest, but for some reason the camera picked up the guitar and her voice at different times and it doesn't even begin to sound as good as she does. Again, I promise -- recordings coming SOON!

Monday, May 5, 2008

And it's gone ...

Baby fever is gone. Haha, can you tell I'm a woman and I can't make up my mind? I'm back to, "Someday in the distant future..." I love kids, and I love taking care of them, I just feel less and less ready.

So for now, I'll stick with playing with this one:

Kai Scott Brigance. No, Marci and B, it's not just because you are the parents. He IS the cutest baby ever (no offense to anyone else, maybe I just have a special place for this one :-)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

House # 12

House # 12: Lay gravel at the end of porch and create fire pit area.

Hmmmm ... I had been researching and it was going to cost about $200 just to buy the gravel. Well, I guess I could find some free stuff on on Craiglist, but then I'd have to get it myself, and who knows what'd I'd get, etc. Well ... I stumbled across a rock sale! I had priced it before to make a rock patio and it was about $300 a palet and I'd need about 3 palets. I got this:

... for about $150!!! No freaking kidding, that's 4 palets for $150. One of them is going to my Mom's for a walk way. What a deal, right? My neighbors love me :-) However, I'll soon have a bad-ass rock patio!

Now for something a little sad ... let's all take a moment of silence for Baby Blue.

He passed away this morning, presumably due to the fall from the nest. I moved him to safety, and the internet said because he was moving and didn't appear injured and the parents were around (squawking loudly at me) he may be okay. However, clearly he had fallen from the tree because he still had the branch that broke clutched to his wittle hands. The fall was too much and he didn't make it :-( I am truely sad that there is one less Blue Jay in the world to torment my neighbors cats.

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