Monday, May 19, 2008

House # 16

I have nothing exciting ... I'm really, really close to House # 16 - Get out of Chaos (Can't Have Anybody Over syndrome).

I started reading Eat Pray Love last night. Granted, I'm only on page 50, but so far I'm not impressed. I don't need some yuppie girl to tell me that I feel the same way about life that other women do. I know, crazy concept - women thinking and feeling like women. I guess, so far, I feel like I could have written this book ... hopefully her adventures and spiritual explorations get a little more remarkable. I'm sure they will, though since this book so popular. Surely not that many women could be wrong! LOL wait ... I guess that would make me wrong ;-)

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Juicy said...

I often feel that way about those kinds of books-books where the author got enlightened on something and felt the need to write a book about it. It's obvious to most of us, but they become bestsellers b/c people like to identify. Whatever! I didn't think that book sounded so great, so I'll wait to hear what you think of it when you finish...if you do! :)

Oh, and we've got the same syndrome: can't have anyone over b/c the house is a mess. Yikes, need to work on that one!

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