Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have finally gotten through the India portion of Eat Pray Love.
Oh sorry, I fell asleep there just thinking about it. This book is like reading a really dull person's diary. I guess on some levels, it has made me feel more at ease with my spirituality in that I'm not alone in believing different than everyone else ... but I pretty much can figure that out for myself. Mostly, I'm just bored with this yuppie girl telling me that I feel (repeat) like most other women, and annoyed that she had to go on some Indian quest to find herself.
That said, I'd probably really like her in real life AND I would die to go on her trips! I really agree with her when she said, "You are here NOW" as in ... why are you talking about when you come back? Enjoy your moments.
AND better yet ... it does relate to my 101 blog! Health # 1 = go to Yoga 25 times. This book has inspired me and reminded me why I loved yoga so much before! I think I'll be going back to yoga :-)

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