Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Soon!

To a blog near you ... something interesting.

For now, I've got nothing. Oh! Other than this awesome shirt I saw Friday night.

I've decided I'm also going to clean my page up ... there's too many words. I know, that makes no sense for a blog - however, I think it's too busy and there is too much to read.

That's all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blood Donation Completed!

Just for me # 21: Donate blood!

Done! I had totally forgotten that I signed up last month, but came in yesterday morning to a reminder. It all went great! I didn't pass out, and it didn't take long. I was light headed afterwards, and found out the hard way why they tell you not to consume alcohol. You know that whole blood/alcohol level thing? Yah, less blood = drunk more easily!

They said not to consume alcohol or caffine for 24 hours and not to engage in exercise for 48 hours. I had a glass of wine at lunch (and got d-r-u-n-k, oops!), had a Red Bull and then went and played a softball game!

On the bright side - I totally scored a point in our softball game. The final score? That doesn't really matter in the scheme of things, does it? What's important is that we scored more points than last time! LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Professional Wedding Pictures!

Thank you Matt Montalvo! I love my pictures, he did a great job :-) Here are just a few of the hundreds of great shots he took!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And it's back ...

Baby fever, that is. Right after we got married, it totally dissapeared and a baby was the last thing I wanted. Now it's back on my mind. Just one baby ... and not now (on account of no money and my husband working 4 hours away). I think this is all just because I'm home alone. When Chris is home, I love everything the way it is. When I'm home by myself with nothing to do ... I'm lonely.

Anywho, I made some MAJOR strides in getting our finances in order. We could be 100% debt free by 2011! Wish me luck :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday was a good day

Friday's task went very well! I thought about how much I love my new sheets, how we are saving money on groceries because Chris's company is buying him food when he's out of town, that my car runs, that I have financial backups for when the s**t hits the fan ... my life ain't so bad :-)

Now ... if only I could be that positive today. LOL I'm always in a bad mood on Mondays ... no matter what. If you could hear me ranting today ... you'd see why Mondays will never be a count your blessings day! However ... I won't torture you with my Monday anger :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Just for Me, #11: Pick 5 days to concentrate on "Count your blessings, not your problems."

Today is going to be one of those days. It started out rough. Chris called and his boss wanted him to relocate to Dallas. Of course, he said no. There's no way I'd live that far from my family, and we can't just pick up and sell our house! However, that basically means Monday through Friday Chris is going to be in either Dallas or Houston until the economy picks back up :-(

So ... instead of dwelling on the bad, here are some of the GREAT blessings I have to be happy for.

- Bandit and Kimber.

- That my dogs aren't afraid of ceiling fans like some dogs, because I love laying on the living room floor, or my bed with all the windows open and the ceiling fans on. Having the dogs to cuddle with makes it even better.

- Unplugged at the Grove.

- How much Chris's travelling is making me appreciate him and everything he does for me (Hello? Someone has to carry the dog food in!).

- My family. My mother is so much fun to do "Austin" things with, I have a hilarious, eccentric old man for a father, my sister who I love, and my free spirited independant brother.

I'll let you know Monday how the rest of my day of blessings went :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cheating, yet again!

House, # 14: Get new door knobs for the laundry room and garage to keep Kimber out of the trash!

I feel like I'm cheating and scratching things off my list without doing anything. However, in looking at the whole picture, I'd say this one was a huge accomplishment!

Not only can Kimber not get to the trash anymore, Chris did something around the house! Embarassing confession: Chris realized the reason it was so easy for Kimber to open the doors to get out there was my fault :-( When I painted those doors, I didn't put the doorknobs back on right! So last weekend Chris went through the house fixing all the doorknobs! So now, not only do the laundry room and garage shut better, but so does the office and our bedroom!

Haha I didnt' realize he had fixed the door knob to our room and for the last year, you could walk up and just push it open. Well the day he fixed it, I came walking up to go to bed and had my hands full, so I just used my foot to kind of "kick" it open. LOL obviously I stubbed my toe, was incredibly shocked, and could hear Chris laughing hysterically inside the (closed) bedroom. Of course, naturally, the way he sees this is, "Look what happens when I do house work? I better not do anymore." SIGH ...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eeks! Giving blood!

Just for me, #21: Donate Blood

Eeks ... I am not afraid of blood or needles, but for some reason every time I see my own blood, it's like I have no control over my body and I get dizzy. Well my company has a bus out three times a year for people to donate blood. Eeks ... I'm gonna try it. I'm scheduled for 9:30am on April 22. Wish me luck!

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