Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Professional Wedding Pictures!

Thank you Matt Montalvo! I love my pictures, he did a great job :-) Here are just a few of the hundreds of great shots he took!


modernmusemakeup said...

Did you really wear Crocs under your wedding dress?? Hee hee that is great!! :) I finally got around to reading your blog. The wedding pics are lovely and you looked beautiful!

Sara Lamb said...
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Sara Lamb said...

Oh and THANK YOU! :-)

Sara Lamb said...

Haha! No not during the actual wedding. I actually at that point already had my real shoes on, but the photographer saw all the crocs lined up, and coincidentially in the wedding colors and we all put them back on for the picture. I did, however, wear black lace shoes which nearly gave Chris a heartattack the next day. His mother was ANTI anything black. I had black in my earrings and black shoes. Call me rebellious ...

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