Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cheating, yet again!

House, # 14: Get new door knobs for the laundry room and garage to keep Kimber out of the trash!

I feel like I'm cheating and scratching things off my list without doing anything. However, in looking at the whole picture, I'd say this one was a huge accomplishment!

Not only can Kimber not get to the trash anymore, Chris did something around the house! Embarassing confession: Chris realized the reason it was so easy for Kimber to open the doors to get out there was my fault :-( When I painted those doors, I didn't put the doorknobs back on right! So last weekend Chris went through the house fixing all the doorknobs! So now, not only do the laundry room and garage shut better, but so does the office and our bedroom!

Haha I didnt' realize he had fixed the door knob to our room and for the last year, you could walk up and just push it open. Well the day he fixed it, I came walking up to go to bed and had my hands full, so I just used my foot to kind of "kick" it open. LOL obviously I stubbed my toe, was incredibly shocked, and could hear Chris laughing hysterically inside the (closed) bedroom. Of course, naturally, the way he sees this is, "Look what happens when I do house work? I better not do anymore." SIGH ...

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