Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And it's back ...

Baby fever, that is. Right after we got married, it totally dissapeared and a baby was the last thing I wanted. Now it's back on my mind. Just one baby ... and not now (on account of no money and my husband working 4 hours away). I think this is all just because I'm home alone. When Chris is home, I love everything the way it is. When I'm home by myself with nothing to do ... I'm lonely.

Anywho, I made some MAJOR strides in getting our finances in order. We could be 100% debt free by 2011! Wish me luck :-)

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Austin said...

oh girl, I feel ya'! I think that when we finally move into a house it's going to take me over. Not to mention FSIL is already 3 months and they just got married November 07!!! AH! Good Luck when you do finally decide to TTC

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