Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Pictures

The Austin Nesties (if you don't know, don't ask, you're not cool. Just kidding :-) are uploading pictures of themselves from high school or early college. It's half depressing looking at this, half super fun! I giggled my way through them, and only cried once. At my hand, if you can believe that. My hand was so young looking! I won't upload that picture though, because I was using my hand to cover my face, which needed covering due to over consumption of alcohol. Anyways, here are some of the pictures. They are pictures of pictures - this was "back in the day" of disposable cameras.

With my nephew, Beck, in Dallas. I was 17, and my sister called this my pineapple hair. It was always in a pony tail on top of my head with the hair sticking out like the top of a pineapple:

Graduation Day from high school with Heather (I'm sure she wouldn't mind me posting pictures, right?):
We took a lot of self portraits. I am 18 here, I believe we were at Zilker Park with Jono and Lambo. Now known as Jono of Jono and Carmen, and yes ... Years later I married "Lambo." You think the nick name would have been a warning!:

Halloween ... Junior year, I believe. Maybe Senior year. Around 2001 or 2002. I was a cowboy, duh. Damn look at those legs! Hehe:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day?!

Not so far! I'd just like to take a moment to whine and moan, please.

- I must have plugged something in wrong, because when I took my MP3 player off the charger this morning, it was completely dead.
- The first 3 machines I tried at the gym had something broken on them. I hate 24 Hour Fitness!
- I broke a nail on a drawer in my bathroom this morning.
- I burned my head with my flat iron.
- It took me 57 minutes to drive 8 miles to work this morning because the light at 360 and Mopac was closed down to 1 lane.
- I found a new wrinkle between my eyebrows. It is by far the ugliest and has me seriously considering Botox, something that has never crossed my mind before.
- I left my ID in Chris's wallet, which is in West Texas.
- Chris is in West Texas with his wallet. This has me depressed and not feeling like even attempting to go out.
- I am swamped at work, and all while knowing my boss is not here working. He's at Fado's enjoying green beer.

Bite me.

P.S. What is it with me and grumpy St. Patrick's Day? My MySpace blog from last year I was bitching, too!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom Remodel, FF&P #20

We have finally remodelled the upstairs guest bathrooms (aka Chris's bathroom)! Warning, the before pictures are fugly.

And the after pictures!

What we did:

- Replaced the 1984 roll out laminate floor with tile.
- Replaced the brown base boards with new white ones.
- Painted the tan walls grey with a dark grey accent wall.
- Painted the tan cabinets (yes, the cabinets and the walls were the same color, ugh) white.
- Added handles to the cabinets.
- Replaced the laminate countertop with black granite.
- Replaced the yellow plastic sink with a new undermount white one (came with countertop, I love stock).
- Replaced the ivory fixtures with bronze.
- Replaced the toilet (Chris loves his "king size" toilet!).
- Since the mirror was glued to the wall, to avoid damage we just added a frame to the existing mirror.
- Added a curved shower rod.
- Redecorated.

And last but not least, I can cross of item "Family, friends, and pets #20" - Get a wedding band! Chris bought me a beautiful wedding band for our 1 year anniversary in January. What an awesome husband I have!

Thursday, March 12, 2009



I'm laying down, kind of like I'm in a water bed, kind of like I'm floating. I'm wrapped in a blanket .... of sorts. You know pebble paved sidewalks?

The blanket is like a soft plastic covered with hard, scratchy rocks like that. I'm moving around, but I can't get out. There is an 8 year old boy (don't ask me how I know he was 8, he just was) stuck in there, too. He's about 5 feet away from me and I can see him every now and then as the blanket waves up and down. Suddenly I realized we are floating in this blanket above Anderson Lane, near where Northcross Mall used to be.

Then later that same little boy and I are at a house. It's actually 3 double wide trailers joined together to form a U and inside the U is just a pile of dirt and a wooden picnic table. There are other kids there, but he won't play with them because he's upset about being stuck in the blanket earlier.

Dream dictionary:

"Stuck: To dream that you are stuck, represents helplessness and feeling of being unable to escape from life's problems/stress. You have lost confidence in yourself and in your ability to move ahead in your life. Your lack of clear goals and low self-esteem may be a common cause for such dreams." Hmm nope. I actually, feel in life right now that I am close to the light at the end of the tunnel to all the hard work we've put in over the last 6 years. I don't really feel helpless, or stuck in my problems at all.

"Stones: To see rough stones in your dream, represents your quest in recognizing and developing your self-identity. Part of this quest is to become aware of your unconscious and suppressed thoughts." Hmm this seems to be a theme in my dreams lately. Finding myself, etc.

"To see children in your dream, you may longing for the past and the chance to satisfy repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes." Maybe something along the lines of fullfilling my inner child? I've had that show up a lot in my dreams lately, and in real life I have been feeling ... boring. Feeling like, "Why can't I have fun like I used to?" and I've been trying to remember and find activities I really enjoy. I've been trying to remember who I was ... before I turned into the cookie cutter version of myself (that I don't like very much).

The End.

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