Monday, November 28, 2011

9 Months

She's only turning 11 months (what?!) in a couple days, so I thought I should get around to posting her 9 month photos.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitchen Dilemma

*Update 8/3/12: See the finished product here and here.*

We're in the process of replacing the cabinets and counters in our kitchen. I have a dilemma.

The house in inexpensive to begin with. Just by remodelling, we're putting it in the top of the price bracket for our neighborhood.

We've already been in the house for 5 years. Because of the economy, we'll probably stay another 3 years or so. Maybe 5. We're not unhappy here by any means, but don't plan on staying for a long time.

We ordered American Classics cabinets (Home Depot's stock brand) in Satin White. A nice smooth, white finish to go with my bright, airy, light kitchen dream.

(Ignore the back splash and counters in this kitchen, but these are the cabinets I originally ordered)

Here's what I had in mind when planning my kitchen:

Here's the same concept that I've already done in my master bathroom (see link to all pictures of my master redo) with the original cabinets painted white:

Well, those cabinets came in and aren't in such great shape. For example:

We're going to have to take down the wall cabinets and basically start over. Home Depot is offering to TAKE BACK these cabinets and let us re-order. To upgrade to their American Woodmark brand cabinets (a much nicer cabinet) would be about $800 to $1000 more. Keep in mind we're trying to keep our costs down. That takes us from $1700 in cabinets (I know, a steal, right? But you get what you pay for) to $2500 for Espresso in Oak or $2700 Maple wood in White.

The cheapest option is to go with Oak wood (so a pattern on the cabinets, not my favorite) in Espresso (a dark, dark brown that's so popular right now).

It wouldn't be those exact doors, but the same wood and same color. The benefit to this is:
- Nicer cabinets
- The dark color does go with our white/grey tiles better than the white cabinets
- Chris and my Mom prefer this color
- Will buyers prefer this more modern look?

My concerns:
- Oak in general in kind of out of style right now
- The cabinets would be almost the same color as our black appliances
- New Venetian Gold (pictured several times above, its' what's in my bathroom) is the lightest color granite we can afford. While it matches, I'm worried it wont' contrast with the cabinets enough.
- It will take FOUR WEEKS to get the upgraded cabinets in, minimum. That makes it very unlikely the kitchen will be done by Olivia's birthday party on January 7. We started this in the beginning of October!

Here are some pictures of the door in my house, with my bathroom counter:

To get white cabinets in the nicer brand, you can't go with Oak, you have to use Maple, which is more expensive, adding another $200-$300 to the cost.
- Type of wood that I like
- Color I originally wanted
- Better quality cabinets
- More money!

Also with the nicer cabinets, we get a cutlery divider drawer, a tray cabinet, and a trash can cabinet. Altogether at $600 value for free, but not money we'd be spending anyways. It just gives a more custom look to the kitchen. Also, we'd get free cabinet hardware (door and drawer pulls). The ones we'd get would be about $100+ worth of pulls and nicer than the ones we're currently planning on, and it'd be saving us $65 on pulls.

All that said ... I'm still leaning towards the original stock cabinets, and just starting over, replacing a few pieces (pantry doors, one wall cabinet, etc). It's cheaper, it's the white that I like ... But yet, I know we'll get our money back if we spend the $800 extra, and would the darker color be more popular at resale? I understand that the kitchen is the most important room in a house, and that's it's important not to skimp here.

Decisions, decisions ...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things Lately

New Sara Update: I've lost 15 pounds in 40 days. I feel great!

Then just when I was thinking I was starting to look better.... I was at Pumpkin Patch on South Lamar the other day. It's always hot in that store. In passing, I made a comment about how I'm always hot when I shop in there (and I'm almost never hot). The employee folds her arms around her stomach and said, "Well being pregnant will certainly make you feel hot!" Uuuuugh. Lady, I'm holding my kid. Cleary, I'm not pregnant anymore! Talk about a weight loss motivator.

iPhone updates!

This really happened. No milk bags, no bottles = Sara taping a Styrofoam cup to my pump. This was the same day as the pregnancy comment. It wasn't one of my favorite days.

"My Buddy and Me"

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but she has started sleeping with her stuffed puppy dog that she even recognizes and calls Dog. It is adorably sweet!

Supporting our home town team!

Hmm ... apparently, an empty can of paint takes longer than overnight to dry. She had fun, at least.

My little climber. 

She loves swinging at the park!


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