Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I have nothing else to blog about ... I just thought I'd share some of my daily judgemental thoughts :-) I'm apparently in a grumpy and mean mood today! This is me over reacting to every day things:

I didn't know there was an intelligence requirement for being a cart gatherer at HEB. However, I'd say that this guy is likely not a good candidate for the job: He was pulling the stack of carts from the front, instead of pushing them from the back. He'd get 4 feet and look back to realize the baskets were sliding out of place and drifting in the parking lot. He'd go put them back in the stack, go back to the front of the baskets, and start pulling again. Repeat. This went on several times, all while he's blocking the lane and multiple cars are in line trying to get by. He never did figure it out ... he waved down another employee to help him.

Who on earth abbreviates the word "please" with "psss" ?? Seriously? I'm a terrible speller, but even I can tell you that makes no sense for multiple reasons. Maybe if you took the time to pay attention to things like that, you wouldn't be working that dead end job. Yes, this person shall remain anonymous.
ETA: I just did a spell check on this blog and the only word it found that wasn't a word was "psss." I'm very pleased with myself :-)

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