Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Friends, Family, and Pets

Friends, Family, and Pets #19: Make it to ComfortFest to hear Emily play!

Emily did amazing. Not many people have heard her sing, since she's just decided in the last 5 months or so that she's comfortable singing in front of people. Chris for one, had never heard her sing. He thought she maybe was the opening act because she wasn't as good as the others, but after we left he said, "Seriously! She was better than anyone else. I didn't know she was so good!" She did amazing and I'm so proud :-) Soon she'll get some studio time so she can get her music out there! As soon as she does, you know you'll be hearing it here!

Check out Emily on my YouTube:
There are two videos of her singing, but both are pretty bad recordings. The darker one is from across a bar full of people, and the outside one if from Comfort Fest, but for some reason the camera picked up the guitar and her voice at different times and it doesn't even begin to sound as good as she does. Again, I promise -- recordings coming SOON!

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