Thursday, May 1, 2008

House # 12

House # 12: Lay gravel at the end of porch and create fire pit area.

Hmmmm ... I had been researching and it was going to cost about $200 just to buy the gravel. Well, I guess I could find some free stuff on on Craiglist, but then I'd have to get it myself, and who knows what'd I'd get, etc. Well ... I stumbled across a rock sale! I had priced it before to make a rock patio and it was about $300 a palet and I'd need about 3 palets. I got this:

... for about $150!!! No freaking kidding, that's 4 palets for $150. One of them is going to my Mom's for a walk way. What a deal, right? My neighbors love me :-) However, I'll soon have a bad-ass rock patio!

Now for something a little sad ... let's all take a moment of silence for Baby Blue.

He passed away this morning, presumably due to the fall from the nest. I moved him to safety, and the internet said because he was moving and didn't appear injured and the parents were around (squawking loudly at me) he may be okay. However, clearly he had fallen from the tree because he still had the branch that broke clutched to his wittle hands. The fall was too much and he didn't make it :-( I am truely sad that there is one less Blue Jay in the world to torment my neighbors cats.

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Julie said...

Ugh, that's awful. At least you tried to save the little guy!

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