Monday, October 11, 2010


- Thursday night I'm attempting to drive downtown through giant music festival induced traffic. I'm annoyed; I'm grumpy; it's taking me forever to get to my destination. A truck pulls out in the turn lane and tries to cut in front of me. I did not let him in. I'm not sure why, I usually let people over, but this guy just caught me at the wrong time apparently. So I continue on to dinner and I'm driving around this parking lot and the only open spot is the very last spot in a very large parking lot. Annoyed (still) I decide to drive around the parking lot. Again, this is not something I normally do - but hey, I'm 6 months pregnant and in high heels! When I get to the front of the parking lot ... one guess who's parked in the very front spot. Yep, the guy I wouldn't let into traffic.

Thanks, God. I can take a hint :-) Be nice.

- A couple weeks ago, I was at Discount Tire having a repair done. This guy that worked there was staring blatantly at me and my stomach. I thought what a jerk he was, along with some other rather rude things. Friday morning ... he was at my OB's office with his wife for what I gathered to be their first sonogram.

SIGH. I don't know everything, he wasn't being rude, he was probably having plenty of his own really exciting thoughts about his new baby. Lesson: Don't be so quick to judge.

Talk about some fast Karma turn-around! Hahaha. However, it's a good reminder of all the life lessons that get dulled in your mind (especially when you have extra hormones racing around).

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Juicy said...

OMG, I would have SCREAMED about the person who took the prime parking spot! ARGHHHH!! That makes me nuts. Karma, man, she's a bitch. :)

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