Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just for Me #19

--Go to the Habana Restaurant on Congress.

I wasn't impressed. The bartender stared us down hard core! And I make it a point to not say hard core because I sound like a goober. The service was slow and the restaurant was boring. I'm still holding a torch for the location on 6th Street to be better!

The rest of that day was awesome! We took Emily to a job interview and then the three Henderson women in my immediate family made a day of it. We went to Mars on Congress and had the tastiest appetizers EVER! (To make up for the sucky parts of Habana, although the food was good). We shopped all up and down Congress and capped it off with some fancy smancy drink from Opal Devine's. I love hanging out with my Mom and Seeester. So while the actual accomplishing of a goal was uneventful, the result of accomplishing that goal was a fabulous day.

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