Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Awful


I was so frustrated by this, and I really feel for the woman in the story! Can you imagine having an undiagnosed, untreatable disease and not being able to do anything about it? Then only to have doctors tell you that your a hurting and scratching yourself and pulling out your own hair when you KNOW you are not?! Why can't doctors just accept that they don't know everything and that just maybe there might be a disease or two out there that they don't know about? Stop over diagnosing ADD or over prescriping antibiotics and humble yourself a little! Be willing to learn something!

:::Stepping off my soap box. I have no idea why this got me so riled up!:::


Juicy said...

oooh, your blog is hard for my poor little eyes to read now. I do like the pink, but I'm going to have to gear up to read. :) My stupid eyes.

Juicy said...

ahhh, MUCH better! I can read again!

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