Tuesday, September 2, 2008

House and Just for Me

House # 23: Hang the blinds for the front windows (you know, the ones we've had for a year).
... Well Chris was home and feeling productive! Not only did he hand the blinds, he changed out the something-or-another on the kitchen sink and a whole other slew of things. Did I already blog about this? Either way, my husband rocks :-)

Just for Me # 18: Buy a briefcase or something to bring everything to work in. I got this cutest black bag! It's actually a laptop bag/purse and it works perfectly! I can put all my file folders in there, my makeup, my giant wallet (which I HAVE to get a picture of!) and my lunch. I was watching The Closer (looove that show!) and "Brenda Lee Johnson" played by Kyra Sedgewick totally has one just like it. Hehe I love it!

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