Friday, August 8, 2008

Warning: This May Be Ugly!

I have done something. Something I've wanted to do my whole life. Something I thought was so impossible, I didn't even add it to my 101 list!

~~~~I've quit biting my nails! 3 weeks ago yesterday was the last time I chewed on my fingernails!~~~~

This is what I was used to my hands looking like (ignore the drunken silliness of Kat, Marci and myself. This was after several glasses of wine on girls night, I do not remember why we took a picture of our hands):

However, my nails grow fairly fast and it was costing me between $120 and $160 a month to keep up with solar nails. I've had "fake" nails since I was 13 and still miss them dearly. I loved, loved getting my nails done. However .... Chris brought it to my attention how much they were costing.

One day, I was in Sally's and saw the "Bite No More." I have no idea what inspired me, but I bought that $2.99 miracle! This was day 1 of no more biting:

I literally would chew my nails until they bleed. Yes, it was disgusting.

These are my nails now! The pictures are too small to see clearly, but I promise there is fingernail there. Last night Chris said, "I've never seen your nails so long!" LOL Neither have I.

Yes, all the pictures are of my left hand. Aside from the obvious fact is has my beautiful wedding ring on it, my left hand is much prettier than my right, LOL. Probably because I'm right-handed. Although my grandmother did comment that after women get engaged, they all become left handed. Haha I do use my left hand more now .... Guilty as charged.


Tabatha said...

This isn't one of my 101 goals, but I DEFINITELY need to stop biting my nails, too. No More Bite, huh? I'll have to invest in that....

Sara Lamb said...

I believe it was only $2.99 at Sally's! I think I'll probably go through two bottles, though because you have to wear it for 3 months to break the habit.

Katy's 101 in 1001 said...

That's awesome! That can be such a hard habit to break.

I stopped biting my nails a few years ago but then my nails started snagging and breaking all the time so it still looks like I bite my nails because they're short.

Blantons said...

Good luck with this goal- I know it can be hard. Sometimes I find myself biting my nails and I didnt even realize I had started!!

Your progress looks great so far!

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