Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liv's Life Lately

We've had some beautiful sunsets in Texas lately. Can you imagine seeing a sunset like that for the first time? Liv, of course, couldn't have cared less, and was more interested in going home after too much shopping. I am grateful, though, that she gets to live in a world with so much beauty.

Different shopping trip, same parking lot:

Helping Gigi put the vacuum back together:

Yummy fun at Chick Fil A:

It's not all strawberries around here. Someone got to try out some chocolate! She loved it. Her stomach did not. No more chocolate.

"Waking up and going straight to Jiffy Lube is not how a girl likes to wake up, Mom."

I'll have whole (photo) posts about my birthday and the kite festival, but for now, here's a taste.

Kiss Attack!

After 3 hours at the Kite Festival, she was still smiling and having fun at dinner.

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