Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Day

Olivia has been an outside baby longer than she's been an inside baby.

I figured the gig is up, and I can't use the, "I just had a baby" excuse for being ... you know, the "F" word. The worst F word.


I started last Wednesday and a new Sara is emerging. I've lost 2 pounds already by exercising again and making better food choices. Apparently, it's hard to loose weight when you eat ice cream every day ;-)

To go along with the new me: Remember this post? Well, sometime during my maternity leave I started biting my nails again. I don't remember feeling stressed out, but maybe that's because I was taking it all out on my poor fingernails! 2 weeks ago Saturday, I've quite biting my nails again.

I'm feeling good all around!

Here's a so-so "before" picture. Mom, Liv, and I headed to Lady Bird Lake for a stroll to get our exercise kicked off. Liv's first trip, and she had a blast! She hung with Stevie, after all.

We stopped on the bridge and let her get out and explore. When she saw that lake, I think she thought she was back at the ocean. She was so excited!

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