Thursday, October 20, 2011

Milestone Explosion

What is Miss O so happy about?! Oh no big deal, just teething, talking, and walking. WALKING!

First of all, she's got four teeth now, and she knows how to use them!

Then, two weekends ago, she kept saying, "Ogga! Ogga!" and Chris and I really thought she was saying Dog. By Sunday, she had it down to, "Dogga!" which she got from us over-enunciating the G at the end of Dog. By Monday, it was very, very clear her first word was dog! Of course. Granted, all three dogs, the birds at the park, the cats, and my Dad's chinchilla are all dogs, now.

Followed shortly after Dog was Mom-Mom, Dada, and (Proud Mommy Moment here -not-) "NO!" She's made all these as noises for a while, but over the last two weeks she's really shown us that she is applying them correctly. She's got words and she knows how to use them!

And most recently, she's started taking steps. I about died. From a sleepy little newborn that could barely hold her head up to a walking, talking little human in my house in 9 short months?! Mind blowing.

She's been cruising for over five months, and I kept waiting for her to walk. I guess she was fine with taking her time. Sunday night she took her very first unassisted step. I was hanging clothes and she was in the bathroom. I know as long as I hear the open-close-open-close of the cabinet doors, she's not into anything bad. When that stopped I went in to get her, and walked around the corner just in the nick of time! I saw her let go of the cabinet door and take a step towards the toilet. I know, what a glamorous first step story, but STILL! She walked! And since then (aka 3 days) she's taken a grand total of 9 more steps. She's got legs and she knows how to use them!

"That's right, I'm so cool I gosta wear a sweater."

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