Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Encompassing "Lost"

I've lost my camera. I'm a little panicked. I'm a LOT panicked. It has to be somewhere in my house. I think. It's somewhere, right? Then why can't I find it?

Weight loss update: I've lost 11 pounds in 25 days. Not great, but not too bad! And, I'm still not biting my nails.

I walked/jogged the Dash for Dads 5k on Saturday. My friend Kat and her daughter Taylor got me going! Liv, of course, came with us. We did it in just under an hour, which I don't think is too bad since we stopped twice for Liv. The part I'm the most proud of, you ask? That would be wearing my 25 pound baby in her Ergo carrier for almost 2/3 of the race and actually jogging part of that!

I was excited that the race was at Camp Mabry, because what a fun place to visit and get to explore! However, I think my personal view was the best ;-)

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