Monday, November 15, 2010

Things Lately

Things I've missed during pregnancy:

- Sleeping more than an hour at a time
- Full mobility
- Easily putting on my shoes

Surprisingly, wine does not make that list. Soon, my belly button ring and my belly button will be on this list, but not quite yet.

Things I will NOT miss about pregnancy:

- Round ligament pain
- Charlie Horses
- Peeing all the freaking time
- Feeling like I've been kicked in the crotch

That's about it. The list of things I will miss about pregnancy is a mile long. I love, love, love being pregnant. For the record, I decided to write this now because I'm not positive I'll be able to include so many loves in about a month.

I continue to slow down. Chris had to come grocery shopping with me this weekend because I just can't do it by myself. I was glad he came because I was having a hard time even with his help! Yet, when we got home I got a second wind and cleaned out the fridge ... and the rest of the downstairs. I had to take Tylenol to sleep last night because every part of my body ached after just 4 hours of moving around.

6 weeks and 4 days until D-Day. Ya know, due date. At which point we will probably have a baby who still has no where to sleep and no where to hang her clothes. Yah, yah ... we're getting to that. More important to me right now if finding the perfect rug for her bedroom floor!

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