Monday, November 8, 2010

Notes to my Coworkers

I'm thinking of leaving a string of notes around my office. Just courtesy things like:

"Don't talk to me unless I talk to you first" outside my cube. Better yet, taped to both sides of my body.

"Don't use the damn middle stall. Use the first or third so I don't have to sit right next to you." In the bathroom, of course.

"Anyone who cooks anything that has an odor will be verbally and physically assaulted" on the microwave.

"Watch for broken glass" underneath the buzzing florescent light I just bashed to pieces.

I wonder if this would get me fired?


Juicy said...

That odor one? I actually did that. I told off one of my co-workers who BURNED POPCORN in the microwave that she was in serious danger of being puked on and if she wanted that on her hands then that was fine and good, but I was sure the patrons would not approve of vomit on the books, so she'd better get off her duff and make the library smell better or I was going to be very angry. :)

I believe everyone was afraid to leave anything in the microwave for as long as they were supposed to cook it after that incident.

Do it, it's for everyone's good, not just yours.

Sara Louise said...

Ohmygosh!! That's awesome. I wish I'd seen that :-)

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