Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I'm sure you've heard by now ... I've opted to wait a month for the iPhone and instead buy bathroom counter tops. THEN my boss comes over and tells me he's buying an iPhone on Friday! UGH!

2. New Venetian Gold for the bathroom counter ... what do you think?

3. I love going to meetings at work. Apparently most people don't? This was news to me. Why wouldn't you like to go to meetings? You are interacting with people, you are not at your desk ... I love meetings.

4. I have watched 20 (literally) episodes of Desperate Housewives in the last 8 days.

5. I'm down to 1 or 2 Diet Cokes a day. Thumbs up, Sara!

6. My husband is a sock thief.

7. New favorite expression: "My zone of operations is compromised." That's a direct quote from my father on Christmas when he knocked over a lamp and then later dislodged the star from the top of the tree. There was maybe a bottle of booze or two at Christmas this year :-)

8. That's all I've got. It's 7pm, I'm going home to work on my bathroom (and maybe watch an episode or two of Desperate Housewives).


Juicy said...

I also enjoy meetings--got me out of doing work. Duh.

I love your dad's comment. Sounds good, but I'd be too drunk to use it probably.

What else?

Juicy said...

nice counters! and whose socks does your husband steal?

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