Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

... is right. I love being busy at work :-)

Um, so ... I'm putting the iPhone on hold for a month or so. I found a really good price for countertops for my bathroom, so I'm remodelling my bathroom this week! I don't want to buy and iPhone and countertops at the same time, so I'm going to wait. Counters are just a bit of a better investment than a phone. I am really excited about the countertops, though! I've been putting off my bathroom for that reason, and now it's going to be so nice to be back in my own space!

365 Self Portraits ... is going to be more like 150 self portraits. Remembering to take my picture every day is a pain in the arse! I don't want to just give it up, so I'm just going to do it when I remember.

Today's reminder ... fresh haircut thanks to Marci.

Yes ... that's a bathroom stall. Long story: I have a history of getting dramatic hair cuts while Chris was out of town. He didn't believe me that this was a normal haircut, so I was sending him a picture. However, I was at work and felt goofy taking pictures of myself in front of everyone ... so I hid in the bathroom like a chicken.

And, because I don't have any babies to take pictures of, you get Kimber:

She's feeling much better from her pulled muscle - well enough to climb on the furniture!

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