Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anniversaries and iPhone

Chris and I had our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday. What a day we had!

- We slept in (Chris was off work, so I took a vacation day).
- We played Scrabble via iPhone in bed, and cuddled with the dogs
- We went for a ride in his car on a beautiful day.
- We had the best breakfast in town (Casa Garcia's)
- Spent the next half a day on the sofa watching Bones
- Went out for sushi and champagne for dinner! I tried to use my iPhone camera in the dark restaurant, but it was weird. Then I downloaded a "flash" app and it was better, but still weird:

I am loving my iPhone ... and while I don't feel bad for harassing my husband for the three months he had his before me, I totally get it now.

Favorite apps include: Facebook, Pandora, Words with Friends, Chase, Accuweather, Cheap Gas, AllRecipes, and Unblock Me.

I think shortly I'll be adding UStream to that, now that I can watch PUPPIES on my iPhone! Seriously: www.ustream.tv/SFShiba

Also, having all my calender's synced is a-mazing!

OH OH and Google Voice search? For real? YES!

Speaking of Words with Friends ... awesome! Joyce is kicking my butt, but I think it's good for me. All the guys are know are tired of playing with me already because ... well ... they can't win. I needed some female intellect to make me work for it ;-)

Also this weekend ... I got a new case for my iPhone. I was using my dad's old leather one while I picked one out. I ordered the Speck Candy Shell and I think I am really liking it.

Non-iPhone related (I know, right?) I got granite counter tops in my master bathroom! Woo!

Obviously, it's still majorly under construction.

Done so far:
Painted room
Replaced toilet
Upgraded toilet seat
Replaced flooring
Cut baseboards and mirror frame
Primed cabinets

To do:
Paint baseboards and mirror frame
Install baseboards and mirror frame
Replace light fixture
Paint cabinets
Reattach cabinet doors
Install faucet for sink
Install faucet for tub

... I think that might be it. I'll have before and after picks when we are done!


Tabatha said...

I wanna play you in WWF! What's your screenname?? I'm "mrsmillertime" (duh).

Juicy said...

I don't always kick your butt. You have made some great plays. I need me an iPhone. screw this iTouch, no internet while I'm out business.

I do love your countertop, looks freaking awesome! you're moving right along and getting stuff done. Love it! rock on w/ yo bad self.

Sara Louise said...

1. Tabatha ... coming your way! I'm "MrsLambo"
2. Juicy ... YES you do (kick my butt and need an iphone).

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