Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My First Attempt at a Staycation

I'm back to our routine after a nice long "staycation." Needing to burn more vacation hours before my real vacation next month, I took a little over a week off to spend with my baby girl.

We had A TON of fun, and I have a ton of pictures to go with it. For today, though, all I have is random iPhone pics of her sweetness.

I'm not sure why I find this so cute. It's a baby ... in a box.

She put the necklace and hat on herself and was soooo proud of herself!

She wants to be just like Mommy. She found the gloves and cleaning supplies herself. Again, I'm not sure who's prouder - her or me.

This all started with her finding a mitt and thinking it was a sock. Once I showed her it was for her hands, she started insisting on wearing socks on her hands. And her feet. At all times, even in Texas August heat.

Two notes on this child's hair:
1. Look at how blond our staycation made her hair! One guess what we did everyday for a week. ;-)
2. I (meaning she) can't take it anymore. Bangs coming to an Olivia near you this Wednesday.

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