Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starting Again

This blog does not feel very personal lately, or representative of myself. A large part of that is there is only so much I'm willing to share on the Internet, especially when a lot of what is going on is primarily in other people's lives.

Lately, it's also in part due to my avoiding my feelings. Between losing Bandit, being sick off and on for several weeks, and life being incredibly busy, I just didn't know what or when to share.

So ... let's do snapshots, shall we?

WTF is this hole in the ground?! We decided some kind of animal made it, and have the bright idea to flush him out with a hose. Nope, it's just a giant hole in the ground. We put the hose in there, and the water just ran, and ran, and ran, and ran some more. So now we're just waiting for my parents' house to collapse into the cavern they are apparently sitting on.

4th of July side dishes = super tasty fruit. If only summer could last forever...
(Yes, that's easy to say when it's raining and a high of 85)

 This is a pretty accurate picture of my child lately. She's as sweet as ever, but man can she start a ruckus.

 Bandit died in the middle of my Mom having the crud. She promptly shared it with Liv and I and between us, we were sick for almost 2 weeks. It wasn't "OMG I'm DYING" sick, but it was still not any fun, can't get out of bed, super tired sick.

The refi on my house is not going well. I can hardly keep up with my bills, let alone have any extra money. I need this refi to come through, but I'm getting nervous it's not going to happen. Money problems are THE most stressful. I can handle just about anything else, but I don't like being broke. I know this is temporary, and I know we'll come out okay in the end, but for whatever reason that never helps undo my stress over money.

I get to have a root canal today! YAY! On the tail end of being sick, I got a toothache. I spent the 4th of July doped up and trying to keep the pain at bay.

Worst of all, as a friend put it recently, I have a green-eyed monster on my back. I'm not usually a jealous person. I've had a very blessed life, and usually have no problems feeling genuinely happy for other people and know that everyone has some pain in their life. This week,  I've found myself being jealous of other people that I know for a variety of reasons. I'm HAPPY right now, I just didn't obtain that happiness the way I thought I would. That's life, 'eh? I've just been wishing things were easier/pending issues were resolved/I knew where my life would be a year from now.

So that's about that. Here's to this post getting this blog rolling again!

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Christy said...

You have definitely had a rough go of things lately. I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet puppy, and I hope the tooth/money/other issues turn around for you asap. Hugs!

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