Monday, July 23, 2012

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I've had to reinvent our lives lately. I was scared in the beginning, but it has turned into quite the journey.

I couldn't afford to eat the way I had been. Neither my health nor my bank account could afford drive throughs, rich restaurant meals, and frozen food. I really love to cook, but hadn't taken the time in quite a while. After my divorce and significantly lowered income, though, things had to change. Around that same time, I caught up with an old friend who told me all about her new way of eating. She's always been gorgeous and healthy, but her new lifestyle showed from her head to her toes. I saw the quote above literally the next day. Now when I'm meal planning, I ask myself, "Medicine or Poison?"  Liv and I (and my parents, since we often cook together so Liv can have family dinners each night) have been having delicious, home-made healthy meals. So much so, that when I try to eat out or eat fast food, it literally makes me sick. I feel SO much better on a daily basis as well. I still struggle with the serving sizes of the food I'm eating, but at least I know I'm not poisoning myself or my daughter.

While I don't like to use the D word with regards to our food, it's safe to say I'm on a financial diet. You know what? It feels as good as eating healthy. I was so used to being able to buy whatever we needed or wanted, that living on just my income has been a serious adjustment. Since I no longer have money to burn, my house has been cleaner, more projects are being completed, and I've had more time to spend with Olivia. I'm trying to simplify as many aspects of my life as possible, and just enjoy the things we have. Having less "stuff" around the house has somehow lifted such a burden off my shoulders! Less stress + more baby time = a happy Momma. :-)

*I left both my camera and my phone at home today. I have a slew of new Olivia pictures coming soon! The girl has been having a fun summer!

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