Friday, July 27, 2012

First Slumber Party

My cousins' kids are in town while my cousins pack up in Louisiana to move back to Austin. The girls came down one day last week for a play date with Liv, which resulted in Liv's first slumber party! Emmy and Aubrey are several years older than Liv, and just act like little mothers to her. The three of them play together so well. Usually Liv is shy around other children, but these two girls were her instant BFFs. Olivia stayed up waaay past her bedtime, and there was a lot of girly giggles going on in my house. When Olivia woke up the next morning and saw the girls come in the room, she lit up and thought that was just about the funnest thing ever.

Amelia (Emmy) and I share a birthday!

A little impromptu backyard swimming!

Sweet little Aubrey (on the left) cuddled up and slept with Liv's lamb chair all night. I think it was bigger than her (yes, there's a little girl under than lamb)!

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zerry ht said...

This looks like fun! We did the same for my daughter’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago. We had a couple of her friends’ over and, rest the girls managed themselves. For my son’s birthday party though, I’d like to celebrate in one of the New York Event Venues. Great!

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