Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things Lately

On Mondays, I get to work from home. I may not look too hot, but this was a pretty awesome lunch. There was nothing extremely spectacular about it, other than it was a normal day. We sat on the floor, we at lunch, we played, we cuddled.

And yes, that is a 2" scratch on my face from a certain over excited little girl ;-)

Tuesday we drove to San Antonio for my most recent Craigslist Score:

Sorry about the mess. I'm not fooling anyone with "My house is always clean" bull.

Liv got a roller coaster! I thought she would be much too little for it when we brought it home. We set it up while she napped. When she came downstairs she looked at it for about 3 seconds, turned to me and said, "Agablahgiohti?!" and ran over to climb up. She pushed herself off immediately and laughed the whole way down. Then she repeated 4672 times.

Yes, she's naked to recover from a diaper rash. Focus on that face! SO sweet!

Do you know what this is? A big girl bed. An empty one. No, we're not making the transition officially, I just forgot to take the pack n play back to my mother's so we attempted this. It resulted in her sleeping (happily) on the floor by the door for an hour. Half success?

We took a trip to see Grandmother last weekend. As always, we stopped in Johnson City for a break. She loved the swings and especially the slide.
"Mom, this is a pretty big slide ....... WEEEEEEEEEE!"

Kitty in play pen. Just cute.

Sweet. Just sweet. Oh, and heartwarming. And all those nice things.

She played in the fountain outside the Italian Restaurant. She told me there were ducks, but I think she was lying ;-)

Kitty, Livy, Poppy

Liv took a dip in the Guadalupe River.

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Terri said...

aww... love all the pics of liv. my nieces/nephews had that little roller coaster thing when they were her age and LOVED IT.

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