Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hmm... Keeping Busy

I have not been taking very many pictures, which is a shame since Olivia is up to her usual cuteness.

I've been keeping myself plenty busy with projects around the house. I've packed almost all of Chris's things and moved them to the garage (divorce date: May 2. Move out date: May 18. Grrr.). I've purged and organized my bathroom. I've been working on the front patio, the back patio, the baby's play area in the yard, growing my grass out into other parts of the yard, the kitchen .... you get the idea.

Let's see ... what have I got ... Mostly repeats from Facebook ...

Olivia loves playing with the self portrait function on my iPhone.

Her water table is her new favorite toy. She wants to spend all day every day outside.

She seriously loves her kitties. So much so, that Gigi keeps making new ones magically appear. I've somehow created a cat person. She loves the dogs, but I'm thinking our next pet will probably be a cat, and the idea - I'll admit - is growing on me. How could it not when someone walks around saying, "Kitty? Kitty kitty kitty. Kitty? Kitty!" The neighborhood cats are not so pleased. Apparently, they don't like being chased by a crazy-looking toddler.

Olivia had her first sucker at the grocery store. The nice man at the bank (meaning, he was way too hot for Mommy to say No to) gave it to her, and I let her eat half of it before sneaking it away and distracting her with a kitty.

New kitchen stool. Lots of fun, I tell ya.

That's all I've got, folks. Sorry.

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