Friday, December 24, 2010

39 Weeks! ... and Counting

39 Weeks!! I really cannot wrap my head around the fact that this pregnancy is almost over. I'm feeling much better today than I was when I wrote the last post (thank goodness!). Doctor told me to take it easy, and that's helped a lot more than just my feet. Things are quickly getting ready, and therefore, I'm ready - to have this baby!

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you want "TMI" ;-) I think the next few posts will probably all fall under that TMI category, but I don't mind sharing, so .... sorry?

Chris and I went to dinner Wednesday night and were discussing what the plan was if (when) I go past my due date. An hour later, I lost my mucus plug! I was very excited for the next 12 hours. Sadly, I went to the doctor Thursday for my regular appointment and found out there's still no more dilation. I will not complain about another week, because I certainly need the time to prepare - I just hope she isn't so cozy she never wants to come out!

My back pain is down considerably after spending the last 12 hours "taking it easy."
Contractions are totally gone. I had a few painful ones yesterday, but they are still "false" contractions since they are gone today.
My feet and calves are ugly. Very, very ugly.
My stomach is sore, but the doctor just called it "uterine sensitivity." K, thanks, well it's wonderful. Wonderful like someone just punched you in the gut.
I'm officially working from home until she's born and that alone has helped me feel 1000X more comfortable.
My blood pressure went up to 130/74 which is slightly elevated, so the doctor wants me to take it easy and stay off my feet.
Next appointment: Wednesday, the 29th. I have a feeling I'm gonna make it to that one. Grumble, grumble, grumble ...

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Juicy said...

Pregnancy looks good on ya!

Can't wait to hear little Miss's name. :)

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