Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Telling My Parents

Note: A lot of these blogs are being posted for my own memories, so sorry if they are long :-)

When I told Chris, he had to go out of town for 12 days the next morning. Knowing that I would be spending a lot of time with my parents those 12 days, we decided we should tell them right away.

This turned out to be a good decision since they walked in the door that day with a bottle of wine and a bottle of tequila!

You remember the golf balls I used to tell Chris? The day before that, I had a pretty good idea that I was pregnant. So that day (Saturday) I was shopping with my mother. Having NO idea that we were even thinking about having a baby, she saw the golf balls. She suggested I buy them to use to tell him when I get pregnant.

So you know how Sunday morning went ... Chris gone, I'm home alone, dying to share my news. My parents kept calling asking to either come over or asking if I could watch their dog for the afternoon. Normally both of these things get a big, "Of course!" out of me. But I had to say no, and honestly ... it came out pretty awkwardly and rudely. I don't normally have to tell them no, and had no excuse why I was turning them down!

Finally Chris comes home, and after we'd talked about it for a while he tells me to call my parents and invite them over to "grill." The conversation went like this:

"Hey Mom! Why don't you and Dad come over? We'll grill steaks."

"Actually, your father and I are downtown at the dog park, can we do it next weekend?"

"Um, no. Come over."

"What? But we're already downtown and already ate dinner."

"Well, um. Well. Just come over."

(Wearily) "...Okay. We'll be there in a little while."

"Hurry up."

Awkward conversations with my mother like that don't happen very often! So after my rudeness earlier, she knew something was up. I had to tell Chris to stop crying! I was worried they would walk in and think we were getting a divorce or something bad ;-)

A few minutes after they arrived, Chris says that I gave him a pretty cool gift that day and gets out the golf balls.

Dad got it pretty quickly since he doesn't play golf (hence, the "Dad" golf balls were not for him!). My mother, though ... she said, "No, Sara! You were supposed to wait until you are pregnant!" .... crickets .... "OHMYGOSH!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

We cried, we laughed. We talked about it all night. We had steak and shrimp and a whole fabulous dinner. Sunday, April 25, 2010 is on my Top 5 Days Ever list. You always imagine how it will "be" when you are pregnant - how you'll tell people, what it will be like, how you'll feel. This day could not have been better if it were planned out.


Juicy said...

aww, that's one of my favourite memories-telling the family. best reaction ever!!

you can share your memories any ole time. I like to eavesdrop on them. :)

Guava said...

What a sweet memory!

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