Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Lamb!

I think word has spread now that Chris and I are having a baby!

When we first got married in January of 2008, our "plan" was to start trying to have a baby that August. Well, I'm sure you all know how plans go! August came and went and neither of us felt any rush to have a baby. I know it's a cliche, but we were having fun being married. After 5 years of being together, we didn't expect marriage to change our relationship so much!

2009 was a rough year for us. Stress from the economy, stress from Chris travelling so much, and loosing Chris's grandmother really didn't leave us in a good place. We made a decision that it wasn't the time.

After years of problems with hormonal birth control, I did go off that in December 2008. I spent about 6 months charting my cycle and "trying to avoid" (as its called) getting pregnant. What I found was that I had a very, very regular cycle. So being birth control-free really worked well for us for a year and half (and had wonderful side affects: Hello my old friend, Sex Drive!).

When 2010 came around, we were both frustrated. The economy had been in the dumps for a long time. Granted, we have been very blessed through this down time in America, and certainly haven't suffered as much as many families. There was still that uncertainty of what's to come in the future.

However, I think we both got to a point where we were tired of money being the deciding factor. We had a trip planned to Playa Del Carmen in May, and the new "plan" (remember what I said about plans) was to try for a baby and just see what happened when we got back from Mexico.

6 weeks before Mexico, Chris was in town for a long weekend. The first night, I told him that he had to keep his baby making parts away from me. We had an all-you-can-drink vacation planned! The next night, well ... I do love my wine. I had had a glass or two (or three). In the heat of the moment, I'm pretty sure I said, "Fine with me! No one gets pregnant on the first try anyways!"

2 weeks later:

Yah, I peed on that :-P

One sober trip to Mexico and 4 weeks from the home pregnancy test, the doctor confirmed that Baby Lamb was alive and doing well!

A couple weeks later, the nausea was gone. Again, I was very lucky in that I wasn't actually throwing up (very often) - just tired and feeling like I needed to throw up. However, extreme dizziness and blacking out led me to my doctor's office. Just when I was thinking I'd gone all the way over there to be told I was dehydrated, she showed me Baby Lamb again! And looking like a BABY!
10 weeks:

(Y'all ... there's a human being inside me!!)
We have been very, very blessed and I don't want anyone to think we are taking it for granted. I have stories to share about the joy we've experienced the last few weeks, the happy tears we're all crying, and the thankful prayers I say everyday.
More to come!

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