Friday, April 2, 2010


Have you met Kimbet (as in Kimber + Bandit)?

Last fall, Bandit had to have his tail ... removed? Amputated? Cut off? What's the appropriate word here?

He has a case of "happy tail" that got infected :-( I was so sad, because I just loved his tail. He expressed so much with it!

A very sweet friend of mine sent me this greyhound and put a little bandage on his tail so it would look like Bandit!

The icing on the cake was ... when she shipped him, he had two full ears. (Not so) unfortunately, one of the ears broke in shipping. Well it just happens to be the same ear where Kimber is missing the tip of hers!! So what a perfect combination of the things that some people might see and not like on my dogs, but I love them even more for.

And Kimbet was born :-)

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Juicy said...

too cute! when I worked at an animal hospital, the dogs who got their tails chopped were getting their tails "docked" or "bobbed".

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