Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My life is pretty exciting right now ... you'd think I'd have more to blog about, but when it comes time to blog, I go blank.

2. Exciting thing in my life: We went to a fashion show on a high rise pool deck. It was pretty fun. I even met a "celebrity" ... a girl that was on American Idol. I don't remember her name, just that she was blond and had a super thick country accent. Then her boyfriend (?) started singing. I tried to take video, but I mostly just got the floor and me laughing hysterically. There was alcohol involved. Oh yah, fashion show:

3. Exciting thing in my life: We bought a 24" computer monitor! YEAH baby! This picture does not give you the whole idea of how freakin' huge this thing is. You feel it's presence at all time when in the office. Oh! You can't see the whole task bar at once. You actually have to scan your head. I am in love.

4. Exciting thing in my life: My car is FIXED!!! I can't tell you how good it feels to have my car back after 7 weeks.

5. We are going to Playa Del Carmen in May! It's for a friend's wedding, although I don't think they are technically getting married there. So I guess we are going on their honeymoon? They invited us, we didn't argue. All inclusive, 5 star resort - here I come!

6. Speaking of Mexico, I lost 6 pounds last week! Nothing like a little beach time to inspire some weight loss.

7. I wore Capri workout pants last week. When I crossed my leg, I found not one or two, but like TEN super long hairs around my ankle. I can see missing a hair or two every now and then, but I shave every day and clearly this little patch of hair had been missed for quite some time. Damn sexy!

8. Somehow, my closet took on a life all it's own. I'm working on it, I swear ;-) After pictures to follow ... sometime when I'm done.

9. I just thought this picture was cool. I was trying to get a picture of what riding in Chris's car with Chris does to my hair (rat's nest).

(Yes, I'm scrambling for 10 things to talk about)

10. Kimber and Bandit say Hi :-) They've been sending Chris "good night" pictures and texts this week while he's out of town. The opposable thumbs on these guys are amazing!


ashley said...

LOL. i love that you photographed your crazy long hairs for us. haha.

6 pounds last week?! you go girl.

Juicy said...

the leg hair picture gets 10 stars.

and PDC? you will have a fantastic time!!! I'm jealous! We went there on our honeymoon and had a great time.

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