Monday, June 23, 2008

Financial #5

Financial # 5: Pay Dad back the money I borrowed. FYI: This is a TMI post!

I had borrowed some money from my dad, which I HATE doing. I've never had to borrow money for anything. When we got married, it was because we were doing so well financially. Then the bill from the lawyer (re: kitchen cabinets) came, then Chris had unexpected bills from his mother (Re: UGH!), then Kimber got hurt, then my car broke down TWICE. Needless to say, we used our emergency fund AND still had to borrow money from my dad.

Well, I paid back 75% of that and my mom said they'd forgive the rest if I'd put it towards the credit card debt we had wracked up. So $1200 from the IRS went straight to credit cards and we paid off Sears, Exxon, Express, and my Capitol One - LOL you know, the frivialous ones from when we were younger and didn't understand how stupid debt was ;-)

So YET another one I'm begrudengly crossing off, although I didn't really complete it. While it feels great to be getting out of debt, I still hate and am entirely emberassed that we had to borrow money from my parents.

Never fear, we are back in the clear with the mula situation! Not that any of this was any of ya'lls business, but you know me - I'll talk about anything.

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Juicy said...

I know what you mean about borrowing money, esp. from family. I had to borrow money from my grandpa when my car went kaput so I could get another one. I went and found the cheapest car I could so I wouldn't have to borrow much (dumb idea) and then I stressed about paying him off quickly. It's just too much worry.

Good for you though, for getting in the clear and back in the red? Black? I can never remember which one is good!

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