Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What About You?

i am: still the same old Sara Louise, no matter what changes in my life.
i think: about the future and children more than is healthy.
i know: how and when to forgive.
i want: my family to be happy.
i have: a full life.
i wish: I were ready to have children!
i hate: disrespect.
i miss: carefree summers.
i fear: that I'll be a bad mother someday.
i feel: lonely.
i hear: sounds of the office.
i smell: blueberry bagels.
i crave: queso!
i search: for explanations, not answers.
i wonder: what happens after you die.
i regret: one thing that I would give everything I have in the world to change.
i ache: in my mouth. I swear my wisdom teeth are piercing my brain.
i care: so very much.
i always: injure myself, forget something, and generally act like a blonde.
i am not: satisfied.
i believe: that God will not give challenges I can't handle.
i dance: at home with the dogs almost every day.
i sing: to the dogs, also.
i cry: about everything. I'm a cry baby.
i don’t always: listen.
i fight: for respect.
i write: stories in my head.
i never: remember to write those stories down.
i listen: to the ocean every chance I get.
i need: a Tums for my heart burn (why do bagels give me heartburn??)
i am happy about: dog/chinchilla sitting for the next 2 weeks!

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