Monday, June 23, 2008

House # 3/I have an amazing husband!

House # 3: Bring both filing cabinets out of the closet, into the office where they can be used easily.

This weekend I proceded to do nothing. Okay, well I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner and did the dishes from those. Aside from doing dishes, though, I love cooking so this doesn't count as a choor.

My husband, though, had a rockin' weekend! Chris managed to do ALL of his laundry (and if you've been over, you know what an acomplishment that is) and hang all of his clothes. Yes, ladies and gentleman - he unpacked after 2 years of living in our house! He even cleaned out his closet and organized it, filled two boxes of garage sale stuff, filled the dumpster with stuff he's throwing away, and cleaned the office! He only complained a little bit about me doing nothing but reading 2 whole books this weekend ;-)

On top of all that, he brought to the bed a stack of papers and went through them for me! So, by the end of the week, I should have a years worth of paperwork sorted and filed.

So, another thing crossed off my list that I didn't actually do. Chris took the filing cabinet out of his closet and setup the office. All I have to do is decorate the two spare rooms now!

How did I get so lucky?

(Like how my favorite picture of him he's wearing an alcohol related t-shirt, has dog between his legs and has probably been drinking? This was 3+ years ago. Nothing's changed)

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Juicy said...

yay for husbands doing the dirty work! And congrats on getting a few things done via him. :)

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