Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Fun!

We can't get enough of it.

We've done lots of backyard swimming. She is such a water baby.

Riding the cows at Phil's Icehouse.

Playing dress-up already!

Our first swim in a "real" pool of the summer, and she had a blast. We didn't get off the street before she was passed out:

What? More swimming? Apparently that's about all we do these days. It wouldn't have been Memorial Day without a dip in the pool.

This particular dip ended with me, fully clothed (in painting gear) soaking wet in the pool! She discovered how to chase me with the hose, and -no exaggeration- I have never heard her laugh so much!

 (Why yes, that is a heavily edited photo. Excuse the mess, both on me and in the bathroom)

And our dear, dear Gigi found a new present for Olivia. I think this is more of a "gift" for Uncle Jake who likes to sleep in until noon, where as Olivia feels very "musical" at about 7am.

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