Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

See the hair in the baggy? That is not my hair. That is my daughter's hair. It's almost like someone pasted my hair onto her head, it's become so much like mine. I guess she was genetically destined for mousy brown hair, since both her father and I have almost identical colored hair.

(P.S. Why do my eyebrows looks like glowing orange caterpillars? Methinks I should not be doing my makeup under the overhead florescent lights of my office.)

I guess technically, she may have Chris's hair. Mine was blond as a child:

I'm just amazed that her hair has changed so much since she was born. Remember the almost black hair she was born with?

Well, I was also born with black hair. Curly, black hair as a matter of fact. Then it all fell out. After the shock of her being born with hair at all, I quickly assumed it would all fall out. It didn't, but it sure has changed.

And obviously, the point of this post is:

Olivia had her first hair cut. We went to Snip Its on the recommendation of a friend, and it was a huge success. When you walk in, it's basically floor to ceiling child Wonderland. Every inch of that place has something fun to do or look at. Liv really enjoyed herself. She did say, "Done?" a few times before we even started the hair cut, but she sat still like a big girl and got a gorgeous hair cut!

All of her baby curls are now gone as well: 

To reveal a straight (thicker-looking) bob like hair cut:

I thought I would be sad, but I had a good time and really love her hair cut! If adorable can get any cuter, this kid did.

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