Thursday, June 14, 2012


When Olivia was a baby, I was so concerned that she didn't like to read. Ha. I don't know why I thought babies were born with an appreciation for books?!

Do you remember the dog from Spanglish? "No. Never do fetch with this dog. Okay? Never." It turned out that was because he'd never let you quit. That's pretty much how reading has become at our house. 98% of me loooooves this. 2% of me is sick and damn tired of reading kid books. This is because I either (A) have to read the same 5 page book over and over and over and over again, or (B) she decides to move on to the next book before we finish and I never know the ending!

I've wised up and positioned the book shelf downstairs on the other side of the room from the sofa. Now I get about a 20 second break between books while she fetches (ha, I'm so punny) the next book. I've also learned to do upstairs reading (where the books are within arms reach) only at bedtime, so she gets tired and asks for night-night before we can read "That's Not My Bear!" for the 128th time.

 Yes, that is a chair on a chair. A Lamb Chair on a sofa, more specifically.

She's so into using our fingers to point to things so she can learn the names and what everything is. It's so fun to watch her mouth the words as we teach them to her!

Sometimes her feet get involved.

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