Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Copy Cat

Olivia is repeating words right and left. She doesn't always understand what they mean, and she rarely repeats them when we haven't said them yet, but she can imitate us so clearly that it's strange. Cold, Yah, and Blue Green just in the last few days. She picked up Kitty Cat (and it's meaning) real quick when she met a kitty cat (wait, did I already talk about this?). Her favorite word right now is Good. She nods her head "Yes" one time and says, "Good!"

Since we've been on a cake making binge, we figured we may as well make a Valentine's cake. No Valentine pictures yet, but I do have cake making pictures! Mom of the year, I gave my child raw egg (in the form of cake batter). And she loved it. I really don't give her sweets very often, so she goes nuts when we do.

She's been testing the waters with everything lately. She knows what she's not supposed to do, so she goes over and does it while we're watching. She's watching so closely to see how we react. I've learned about myself that I have more patience than I thought.

Speaking of things I've learned about myself ... I need to work on my laugh. Liv copies it and it's mortifying! Do I really sound that ridiculous when I laugh? Sheesh.

It's actually gotten COLD here, so we busted out Liv's one and only winter coat. She was the hit of Costco. One guy even spoke to her in French, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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