Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All's Well

How long do you think it takes a toddler to make this mess? If you answered the same amount of time it takes an adult to go pee, you'd be correct!

But, always one to please, she cleaned up her mess with me. Later that night I said, "Are you ready for some milk?" She ran ahead of me and crawled into her chair. She always amazes me by how much she understands.

When she gets a bath at Gigi's house, she always gets her hair done afterwards. I need to find one of the blowy curly thingies for home!

We had a beautiful visit with Grandmother for Superbowl weekend. Liv just loves to sit in Grandmother's lap and cuddle. Melts.My.Heart.

Unfortunately, someone came back from Grandmother's house with a black eye. She was a little too excited to play with the dogs. No, no one bit her, she just walked into the middle of play time and got a bit knocked around. All's well that ends well.

Back home, making more messes. Tea bags are wonderful sensory items. They smell great, and she loves to put them away (after she's rubbed them all over herself and the floor. Chris won't mind).

We went to Ikea for the first time. I wasn't overly impressed. Some cute things, but I am not so sure I'd want to buy my furniture there. Liv had an excellent time, though! She insisted on shopping with her shirt half off, but in a store full of parents, no one minded.

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